Re: mySQL installation

Subject: Re: mySQL installation
From: Michael A. Peters ( )
Date: Mon Sep 11 2000 - 13:12:15 MDT

It sounds like you got it working- but in all honesty, the *easiest*
way to get a good MySQL install on PowerPC is to download the src
rpm, then

rpm -U MySQL-3.23.23-whatever.src.rpm
cd /usr/src/rpm/SPECS
rpm -ba mysql-whatever.spec
[[ long wait while it compiles ]]
cd ../RPMS/ppc

and all the RPM's are right there.

One of the nice things about rpm install is that the dependencies for
any rpm's you download that require MySQL will be satisfied, and you
can check the integrity of the package (such as after a crash or what
not) with

rpm --verify packagename

>I've been having some problems getting mySQL version 3.23.24-beta to
>install properly on YDL. I'm on a PowerComputing PowerTower 200e
>with 144MB of RAM.
>Rather than just randomly trying different versions until I find one
>that works, can anybody tell me which versions they've gotten to
>work successfully with YDL, and whether they used the rpms or the
>source? I'm specifically wanting to use th package with PHP.
>Also, since I've tried several installation attempts already, will I
>have to remove anything in order to move ahead with a clean slate?
>I'm pretty much of a newbie, so please go easy on me! ;-)
>Best regards,
>Gawain Reifsnyder
>, Inc.

Michael A. Peters--

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