Re: mySQL installation

Subject: Re: mySQL installation
From: Michael A. Peters ( )
Date: Mon Sep 11 2000 - 22:55:59 MDT

>At 11:33 PM -0500 9/11/00, Gawain Reifsnyder wrote:
>>Now I'm moving on to php. Gulp.
>>I'd like to install it as an apache module, and I'm scouring the
>>docs and coming up with some questions...
>Make sure you install the current release (4.0.2, I think). anything
>older than about a week has a bug that prevents it from compiling on
>PPC machines. Which is why some of us go directly to the sources and
>not source RPM's -- because we track the release, not when someone
>gets the RPM packaged...

A source rpm consists of the sources and a spec file- which is just a
script for how to build the sources, and what to tell the rpm
database when those built sources are installed. That's all it is.
You can read it, too- and change it, or whatever.

When a package builds from src rpm, all that really means is that

A) It builds straight up


B) A patch is applied to the source, so that it builds straight up.

If you wait for when the source builds, then some things- like
glibc-2.1.3- you'd still be waiting for. (glibc 2.1.3 requires a
patch to the source to build on PowerPC)

php-4.0.1pl2 builds fine on PowerPC with a small patch.

Michael A. Peters--

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