Video is slow

Subject: Video is slow
From: Pete Peters (
Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 18:58:02 MDT

Installed YDL 1.2 on
- PPC9500 w/ PowerLogix G3 upgrade card
- 128MB ram
- MacOS 8.6
- ATI Rage Orion w/ 16MB
- BootX v1.2.2
- Kernel 2.2.15-2.9.0

Works okay, but couldn't get X to start. Based on info on Neil Jolly's "X
for the PowerPC" page, I installed Xpmac.rev10, but it still wouldn't work.
Finally figured out that the 100dpi fonts weren't installed, installed 'em
and voila! I got X. However...

Performance sucks big time, both regular console and X (you can almost watch
the redraws!). Definitely not impressing the Intel Linux boys in the office.
Searched the archives and find nothing but conflicting info: check the No
Video Driver box, uncheck the Video Driver box; no kernel arguments, use
kernel arguments. Tried 'em, but no joy. Arrrrgggggghhhhhhh!

So, can anyone provide some helpful info, or at least point me in the right
direction? Thanks.


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