Re: BIG BAD error message...

Subject: Re: BIG BAD error message...
From: Hollis R Blanchard (
Date: Thu Sep 14 2000 - 11:37:34 MDT

On Thu, 14 Sep 2000, Gawain Reifsnyder wrote:

> I've been having some problems on a Power Computing PowerTower 200e.
> I've got a couple of internal SCSI drives and I'm using bootX to
> start the second Micropolis drive which is my YDL partition.
> kernel panic: kernel access of bad area pc0007bfc lr c0007bf4 address
> 2000000E tsk /10
> In interrupt handler - not syncing


> I had this message appear once before when trying to run a 'make'
> with the mySQL installer.
> After running fsck at the next startup, everything seems OK for a
> while, (that is until I try copying the file again)

It does sound like a hardware problem...

I would double-check all your SCSI stuff. Bad cables, bad connections, and
especially termination.


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