RE: Video is slow

Subject: RE: Video is slow
From: Pete Peters (
Date: Thu Sep 14 2000 - 12:17:44 MDT

>So, now that X is working, is it still Xpmac or did you go back to
>Xfree86? I found that the build of Xfree86 3.3.12 on YDL has worked
>pretty well for me.

Still using Xpmac.rev10. Should I try XFree86 again? What about a newer
kernel and/or XFree86 4.0? Whoa! Living on the bleeding edge, lol. Hey
Moonglue, not hearing anything from ya. <g>

>dmesg is your friend :-) Type that in (or dmesg | more to prevent it
>scrolling off your screen). What does it report for Mac OS display
>and fb0?

With No Video Driver box checked;

        MacOS display is /bandit/ATY,Rage128o
        Using unsupported 1024x768 ATY,Rage128o at 96008000, depth=32,
        fb0: Open Firmware frame buffer device on /bandit/ATY,Rage128o

Question: I think I read somewhere that checking the box diables
acceleration or something. True or false?

>As far as other speed considerations go, is your backside cache
>enabled? If so, dmesg should report something like this:

>L2CR overriden (0xb9080000), backside cache is enabled

Close. I have

        L2CR overriden (0xa9100000), backside cache is enabled

>Of course, BootX must be configured to turn backside cache on.

Yep, it's checked.


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To: Pete Peters
Subject: Re: Video is slow

>Installed YDL 1.2 on
>- PPC9500 w/ PowerLogix G3 upgrade card
>- 128MB ram
>- MacOS 8.6
>- ATI Rage Orion w/ 16MB
>- BootX v1.2.2
>- Kernel 2.2.15-2.9.0
>Works okay, but couldn't get X to start. Based on info on Neil Jolly's "X
>for the PowerPC" page, I installed Xpmac.rev10, but it still wouldn't work.
>Finally figured out that the 100dpi fonts weren't installed, installed 'em
>and voila! I got X. However...

>Performance sucks big time, both regular console and X (you can almost
>the redraws!). Definitely not impressing the Intel Linux boys in the
>Searched the archives and find nothing but conflicting info: check the No
>Video Driver box, uncheck the Video Driver box; no kernel arguments, use
>kernel arguments. Tried 'em, but no joy. Arrrrgggggghhhhhhh!


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