Re: Installing YaBoot (to get my Epson 740 to work!)

Subject: Re: Installing YaBoot (to get my Epson 740 to work!)
From: Jeremy Knope (
Date: Fri Sep 15 2000 - 07:31:39 MDT

well i have a Blue&White G3 400, it's rev2 i believe.
2 IDE drives, 192MB RAM, i compile the kernel almost
to exactly what i have, dropping things like a floppy
drive and various video cards. but leaving IDE
support for CD/DVD and hard drives, USB, Rage128 etc.
i'm currently not in linux but i can grab the config
later i think. :)
> Hmm. Then maybe I screwed up when I compiled my
> kernel in that case. What
> hardware are you running on. I'm on a rev1 blue and
> white G3. Maybe that
> makes a difference.
> When I was looking for the USB stuff I did find a
> tonne of stuff for the
> Epson 740 specifically, look at
> Clearly since I can't even boot with my new kernel I
> have no clue whether
> it'll work, but it's worth a try!
> Could you send me the config you used to build your
> kernel so I can compare
> with what I've got. I guess it might not be too
> relevant if you've got
> different hardware, but it might give me a clue.
> Cheers
> Pete
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> Peter M. Bagnall
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