I am still having MAJOR problems

Subject: I am still having MAJOR problems
From: Joshua Gitlin (jnet@brandeis.edu)
Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 07:56:58 MDT

Hey everyone. I am soooo stuck. I finally came to a discovery -- the
alias for the IDE slave drive on the first bus is ultra-1. That's
nice to know -- I'm now wondering how to boot linux!!! I have heard
yaboot described as a "green screen"... I have never gotten such a
screen! How do I install yaboot? Or, on a dual G4, is there a better
way to boot? I tried this thing called "suseboot" which was emailed
to me -- that boots Linux (I never see a green screen) but the screen
resolution is not something my monitor can handle. I am so lost --
can anyone help? Thanks....


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