modifier keys and xkb

Subject: modifier keys and xkb
Date: Fri Sep 22 2000 - 03:10:30 MDT

Ok I finally set my italian keyboard with xkb running XFree86 4.0 and
remapped 2 3 buttons and F2 F3:
infact those mouse keys are mapped by default on keypad 0, decimal but they
are sticky! When you release one of the two buttons the menu doesnt remain
open ! IT's pretty difficult open the menu with the right hand and at the
same moment usin the mouse to choose something from the menu! Anyway (may
be I miss something) I set up F2 and F3 and they work great (I can use left
hand ;) ). The last problem that I have is that I cant figure out howo to
use the ALT ot Command keys to obtain the extra keys like ,, etc...
Infact on the italian keyboard sometimes u have three symbol on a key. With
old version of Xpmac and xmodmap was pretty simple to configure those keys!
I think I have to change something in the keymap for the modifiers ALT
and/or Command but I cant understand WHAT! Please someone can help me??? I
spent one week for setting this keyboard and now is almost OK. (When
everything will be ok I WILL put a minihowto for other italian users :))) )

thx a lot for your patience

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