Yaboot problems on a G4 AGP

Subject: Yaboot problems on a G4 AGP
From: Cesare Gagliardo (cesaregl@tin.it)
Date: Tue Sep 26 2000 - 12:41:46 MDT

I've successfully installed YDL on my G4 on a secondary HD (fireball 3.2Gb).

This is my partition table:
HDA8 HSF+ (20Gb)->MacOS 9 partition (primary HD)
HDB9 HSF+ (32Mb)-> used for yaboot and other stuff to boot into YDL
HDB10 A/UX ROOT (1000Mb)->root partition (mount point: /)
HDB11 A/UX SWAP (128Mb)->swap partiton
HDB12 HSF+ (616Mb)
HDB13 HSF+ (1303Mb)->Max OS X Beta1 partition

This is my yaboot.conf:
init-message = "\nWelcome to Yellow Dog Linux!\nHit <TAB> for boot
timeout = 150
default = linux

image = hd:9,\\vmlinux
    label = linux

In HDB9 i have a "System Folder" with Finder, MacOS ROM, System,
yaboot.tbxi, vmlinux and yaboot.conf inside. Are these files in the wrong

I tried to start YDL but i get always an error "Image not find", itried also
with the vmlinux file in the root level of HDB9.. but i get always the same

I don't know how to resolve this... i'm trying a lot of combination (image =
hd:8 9 10 11.... root=/dev/hdb9 10 11...) but with no success...

I know that this is a NEWBIE problem.. but... this is my first time on


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