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Subject: Re: High speed access question...
From: Bryce (
Date: Tue Sep 26 2000 - 21:24:18 MDT

i'll tell you, the differece:

cable is a shared line between many users in a particular region. The
benefits of this is that it is able to get into areas that DSL can't or
wont for months to years to come. Not as good upload and download
speeds, and on peek usage time(6-8pm) your service will slow down. And
if you look at the fine print AT&T don't want you running a server from
your house( but how can they really stop you, snicker). And they charge
you for one computer... and they don't want you to pirate bandwith. but
who cares????

DSL, a single link( you share this with nobody) better download and
upload speeds... but it really depends on your distance from the CO
(central office). Some of the downfalls of DSL... those that i have
dealt with... the customer service sux!!!! cause you usualy end up
dealing with two companies to get a deal... one company ends up blaming
the other for your crappy service and it can take months for it to
work.( i recently helped a company try to get it in... and it was a
nightmare!!! so yes this is a biased answer!!!)

And someone else is going to have to give you an answer for PPPoE, i
just remember that it means PPP over Ethernet. here is the url if that

hope this helps you out


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