Re: Mac Newbie yaboot question

Subject: Re: Mac Newbie yaboot question
From: Steve Cockwell (
Date: Wed Sep 27 2000 - 07:30:51 MDT

Steve Moitozo wrote:
> Steve,
> 1) You should re partition your system with 3 partitions. The FIRST should
> be 32 megs (Mac OS Standard, not HFS+), the SECOND should be your root and
> the THIRD should be your 100 meg swap.

I understand the issue now - fundamentally the only way to get a Mac
with new roms to boot directly into ydl would be to either burn new roms
that understood ext2, or put linux entirely on an hfs partition...

> 2) Then you need to install the following files on the 32meg partition:
> ramdisk.image.gz
> yaboot.conf
> yaboot.txbi (then rename to just yaboot)
> and vmlinux

Thank you very much for the detailed instructions. I was able to get
YDL installed on the iMac without ever booting or using the MacOS. It
was tricky, and I ran into several catch-22 situations in doing it.

Here is what I can remember of it:

1. Boot (command-c) MacOS CD
2. Create single partition (I made it 128Meg)
3. Boot (command-c) YDL CD
4. Create swap and root partitions using fdisk during install
5. Boot (command-c) YDL CD (to make sure that partitions get validated
by bios)
6. Install YDL.
7. Boot (command-C) YDL CD (this time to put the kernel, etc. in place)
8. Command-F2 to get to linux shell prompt
9. mount -t hfs /dev/hda5 /mnt (so we can put yaboot, vmlinux etc. on
the HFS partition)
10. cp the files you specified to /mnt/
11. used 'cat > ./yaboot.conf' to create file (could not find working
editor anywhere (even rvi wouldn't work)) Cat turned out to be faster
than setting paths to the right libraries and changing terminal types...
12. boot (command-o.f.) and changed firmware settings to boot yaboot
every time.

Presto! It looks very nice, and runs quite snappy - the YDL people have
done a nice job. The X server didn't work right away, but a visit to
Xconfigurator fixed that quick. The sound doesn't work, but I'm going
to try re-compiling a monolithic kernel with the right things in it
soon. I don't know anything about getting an Epson 740 USB printer to
work with it, but I suspect that I use the "direct to port" option in
printtool to configure it.

Next I suppose I wait for the source code for StarOffice to come
available so it can be ported.

You folks have a very active list here - it's very nice to see. Thank
you for all of the responses.


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