Install error

Mike Engelhart (
Tue, 06 Apr 1999 09:52:04 -0500

Hi -

Yesterday I FTP'd the download and ran the installer (ramdisk.image.gz) that
was in the updates folder and everytime I ran it, when it starts scanning
for packages it gives the error "glibc-devel not in directory at line 1421"
(or something like that). The glibc-devel RPM is definitely there but the
latest ramdisk doesn't like it (maybe the install script uses a different
file name??) Anyway, I'm going to download the old ramdisk.image.gz and see
if that works. Also, on one attempt I continued the install by selecting
"Ignore All" to the error message and the rest of the install worked fine,
but the DHCP daemon was unable to get an IP address from my roadrunner
connection when I rebooted. I was previously running LinuxPPC R4 with a
2.2.1 kernel and installed the DHCP rpm's myself and everything worked fine.
I didn't get X to work yet because I want to fix the installer problem
first, but in RedHat Linux for Intel, y0u "don't" have to use the RedHat
control-panel to set up DHCP, the installer automagically does this for the
user and you're ready to go - makes it very nice. One more thing, the
hmount command wasn't installed anywhere on my first attempt at installing.
This "is" part of YDL isn't it?

Sorry for being so verbose :-)


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