Evan Read (Evan@AdvComm.Co.NZ)
Wed, 7 Apr 1999 12:58:44 +1200

Hey all,

Could I suggest to the owners of this list that they prefix the subjects of
messages from the list with "YellowDogGeneral: " or something to that
effect. This lets people who are on many different mailling lists (like me)
know what message came from where without having to physically read the
message. Handy for sorting and mass deleting and such. Would be a great

If this isn't possible (if not, can you really call yourself a Linux
Company? ;), then perhaps (like this is gonna happen ;), by convention, we
need to indicate in all our subjects that the message relates to the
YDLGeneral Mailling list.

Just a thought.

Evan Read

Advanced Communications Level 1, 43 Montgomery Square Nelson

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