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Evan Read (Evan@AdvComm.Co.NZ)
Wed, 7 Apr 1999 13:33:47 +1200

I have one big inbox too. Hence this works better for me.

If the majority hate it, then we can cancel it. It will work better if
people remember to shorten the subjects to a bare length (as I did for this
email - in this case, it doesn't hurt the information contained wihtin the
subject line).

>This is also true.
>If any of you use a unix account for email, surely you have Procmail.
>Also, most major email clients do have a filtering system.
>As for me, I like one large inbox.
>Again, I can remove the subject prefix, I thought I'd add it for a bit and
>if enough ppl hate it I can remove it.
>On Wed, 7 Apr 1999, Craig Roberts wrote:
>> > If this isn't possible (if not, can you really call yourself a Linux
>> > Company? ;), then perhaps (like this is gonna happen ;), by convention, we
>> > need to indicate in all our subjects that the message relates to the
>> > YDLGeneral Mailling list.
>> I disagree. There's no need to indicate the origination of a message in the
>> Subject heading - I would rather that was used to describe the content
>>of the
>> msg itself.
>> Surely, you are using a emailer with Rules processing for filtering messages
>> according to the TCP headers?
>> Cheers
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