[yellowdog-general] Re: Maillist

David A. Brown (dabnsh@ix.netcom.com)
Tue, 6 Apr 1999 21:39:02 -0400

>> If this isn't possible (if not, can you really call yourself a Linux
>> Company? ;), then perhaps (like this is gonna happen ;), by convention, we
>> need to indicate in all our subjects that the message relates to the
>> YDLGeneral Mailling list.
>I disagree. There's no need to indicate the origination of a message in the
>Subject heading - I would rather that was used to describe the content of the
>msg itself.
>Surely, you are using a emailer with Rules processing for filtering messages
>according to the TCP headers?
I'm afraid that I'm inclined to agree with Craig... This same subject has
been discussed "ad nauseum" on other lists - especially when linuxppc split
into numerous segments. Subject space is tight enough without the added
noise (and redundant information) of the list name yet again. (I count 3
instances in the normal header alone - not including the subject field and
the routing info...) Please, let rules/filters handle the movement into
folders using the information in the headers.

Just my two cents...


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