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Trevor Zion Bauknight (
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 12:55:13 -0400

At 12:25 PM -0400 4/12/99, jon klein wrote:

>I had the same problem putting the files on my HFS partition. It turned
>out that some of the important RPMs had names longer than 32
>characters--the names got truncated, and the HFS install didn't work so
>well. Have other people had this problem?

Having had this problem before, I went through and manually truncated
characters after the filename, beginning with the version number, on the
long ones. The comps file only specifies the name of the package, not the
version, so you can safely do without that. Just chop off after the hyphen
which separates the version if you have one that's too long. Of course,
this "solution" may or may not be the cause of my error message.

>It belongs in /etc/XF86Config. After my full install, I was still missing
>the X package! I had to manually install XFree86-Xvfb and Xconfigurator (I

This appears to be my problem, as well. Xconfigurator started in the
install process, but detected only 3M of VRAM (I have 6). I selected
"Apple iMac Display" and the 8- and 16-bit, 1024x768 resolutions, since
1024x768 wasn't offered at the 24-bit level, I guess as a result of it
thinking I only have 3M of VRAM. Hit "OK"...the screen blanked, then it
said starting X server, but then reported that there is a problem with my
freshly installed X server. Maybe I'm missing the Xvfb package...didn't
check on installing that, but I was on the lookout this time to see that
Xconfigurator was loaded. The default selections in package choice seems
to need some work.



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