Install Problems on a 6400

Robert Gilkey (
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 10:25:15 -0700

I just got my copy of YellowDog and tried to install it last night.
Unfortunately it didn't quite work.

I am running a Performa 6400 with 48 megs of Ram and an ATI XclaimVR Video
Card with 4 Megs of Ram.

Well here is what happened.
I used fdisk (pdisk) to format my drive. The first 4 partitions were left
I set up 4 partitions:
swap- 82MB

Then I began the install process and it went smoothly until after it got
done checking for overlapping files. The screen flashed "error during
configure mouse". I am using a standard apple mouse and keyboard. It asked
to go to Previous, Retry or Menu.

Previous didn't work neither did Retry. I was forced to go to the Menu
screen (figure 7.3 in the install manual)

I tried skipping the mouse but nothing else worked either.
I tried using the newest ramdisk.image.gz file and that helped a little. I
was able to install copy al the files over before I got the Mouse Error
Message. I also uninstalled my Video Board but that didn't help.

What am I doing wrong and are there any special tricks for installing on the


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