Re: FTP Download Filename Truncation & More

Dan Burcaw (
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 20:47:45 -0600 (MDT)

> I downloaded all of the files over my brand-spankin'-new DSL line, which
> took a short 5 hours. The filenames, of course, were cut off, with elipses
> (...) inserted in the middle of the filenames. As a result, my install
> complained a great deal.

This is very weird. All of the times I've done local HD install, the
file names, regardless of truncation get installed properly.

> Now, I can boot, but the system complains that I need to run fsck becase
> /dev/hda6 -- my root partition -- is screwed up, though in a non-specific
> way. I've done so, but there's so bloody many errors that it's not worth
> fixing them.
> I can ignore the errors, and the system runs nicely, save for the dozen
> programs (the X Windows System & others) that had filenames that were too
> long.
> One more problem: If I plug in my Macally USB hub, even with nothing
> attached to the hub, I get a screenful of complaints. But it still boots.

Yea.. you will get a screenful of complaints since the kernel doesn't
recognize the device attached. There should be no other problems due to
these messages.

> Oh, and I ordered the 2-disc set from Yellowdog last night.
> So, after all this, here's the question: What now? Should I wait for the
> discs to come and re-install? Should I download the RPMs from somewhere?
> Do an NFS install? Cut off the version numbers, as one person suggested?
> Is there life outside of our galaxy? Are these minor problems likely to be
> related to the overall one of filenames? Will our faithful Bat-Heroes make
> it out of the Joker's evil trap?

I'm looking into the trucation problem.. it's strange.

> I hope to find out on the next episode of: Yellow Dog.
> Somewhat sincerely,
> Waldo


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