Re: FTP Download Filename Truncation & More

perry (
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 22:50:10 -0400

At 10:44 PM -0400 4/14/99, Waldo L. Jaquith wrote:
>I've replaced the MacOS's "..." character with three periods so that it
>translates to different platforms. The #X at the end of some filenames is
>the result of Anarchie, my FTP program, believing that it's downloading the
>same file a few times, as the names are otherwise identical, once the
>middle portion of the filename has been removed.

i wonder if this is something that Anarchie is doing. [the truncation]. it
*should* happen, because a macos filename can only be 32 chars, but what's
weird is the way it's truncating it. I've untarred java source before on my
mac, and it just chops off the end of the filenames if they're too long.
i've never noticed anything like this before. odd indeed.


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