Re: X working

Josh Rankin (
Thu, 15 Apr 1999 09:03:43 -0500

> Seeing GNOME was a first for me -- very, very
> pretty and comfortable. Slow, Slow, slow. I wondered if it might be the
> wm, Enlightenment, but IceWM and WMaker were similarly slow, so I'm
> putting it down it using a non-G3 mac with only 16MB of RAM. I'm
> assuming, everyone, that YDL running on a "proper" Yellowdog-approved
> machine (i.e. a G3 or iMac) with acceptable amounts of memory can run
> the GNOME/E combination fast enough to be usable? Probably. Time to
> reture my poor 5400/200, I guess.

No, I'm running an 8500 with a 300mhz G3 Card and 144MB of RAM and gnome is
painfully slow. I'm sticking to straight windowmaker for the time being


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