JP Rosevear (jpr@cr168790-a.nmkt1.on.wave.home.com)
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 04:51:53 +0000

Well, there doesn't seem to be an official bug reporting site so I'll
put up some bugs (and fixes) here and hopefully some work arounds or
fixes will be given:

1) dev pts - during init.d the filesystem isn't supported (no module I

2) nfs - "nfssvc: Function not implemented" error. It seems remote file
systems can be mounted.

3) postgresql - the db template is not created by the installer.
FIX: 1)become the postgres user "su postgres"
         2) init the db, "initdb --pglib=/usr/lib/pgsql/
         3) edit line 31 of /etc/rc.d/init.d/postgresql to
/usr/lib/pgsql after -D

NB: this should be fixed in the rpm, using /var/lib/pgsql as the baselib

4) Xfonts - trying to install the updated Xfont's yields an error "-q
option not support in chkfontpath" or something to that effect.


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