dog indeed

Andu (
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 21:38:16 -0400

This dog has a very hard time acknowledging 2 hard disks when installing
not to mention several partitions. Nothing fancy about my disks - the most
I didn't understand why the person in charge of the ftp site didn't bother
to make a "current" directory with all the updates in place. In other words
why do I have to waste a lot of time with an install that doesn't install a
working Xconfigurator ? I guess to preserve the initial release for
posterity to see(the hard way) how one shouldn't present himself with a
"new" distribution of a good operating system.
 I know my comments are not too constructive but since I didn't see a
"alfa" or "beta" in the name I assumed it was a working release and had
other expectations the beta testing.
I think for the time being "Yellow Bug with a Red Hat" would be a more
appropriate name. Reminds me of "the other" OS who seems to have set a

Regards, Andu

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