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Evan Read (
Mon, 19 Apr 1999 20:38:06 +1200

Any chance an Updated CD will appear with all of this stuff on it or will
that comprise CS 2.0?

No service packs?

>We've released a few new RPM updates. These mostly fix minor security
>problems primarily discovered by the folks on the BUGTRAQ mailing list.
>The new XFree86 RPMS ( require the package "utempter"
>which is a utility which allows programs to log information to a
>privledged file (/var/run/utmp), without compromising system security.
>It accomplishes this task by acting as a buffer between root and the
>These updates should be appearing on the ftp sites soon.
>Also, expect new binary 2.2.6 kernels on the ftp sites by tomorrow or
>Tuesday. This round of binary kernels will have more full fledged support
>built in for items such as Power Mac sound. I advise people use this
>kernel instead of the standard 2.2.2 kernel which is intended to be
>lightweight for booting the installer.
>I'm also going to put a kernel-source rpm on the ftp site which will
>include the USB module. This will allow you to build your own kernel using
>some of the patches and add-ons which we use to built kernels.
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