YDL CD Install Problem

Waldo L. Jaquith (waldo@waldo.net)
Mon, 19 Apr 1999 17:34:59 -0400


OK, I got my YDL CDs in the mail today, in hopes of overcoming my previous
problems. No such luck.

The installer died just before the X configuration. I rebooted, it started
up with that familiar ol' message:

Checking root file system

        (i.e., without -a or -p options)

*** An error occured during the file system check.
*** Dropping you to a shell; the system will reboot
*** when you leave the shell.

My hard drive is in fine shape. Four times now, I've formatted the section
for YDL. If I run fsck, it finds errors in everything that it sees.

Has anybody else seen these problems on an iMac? Does anybody have any
suggestions? As this is all a fairly automated process, I don't rightly
see how I could screw it up. Did I waste my money?

Thanks, folks.


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