Re: HD install: can't read file

JP Rosevear (
Tue, 20 Apr 1999 21:36:14 +0000

Craig Roberts wrote:

> Ran an install last night from HD and all seemed to be going well, but came in
> this AM and found a 'Cant read file: /etc/redhat-release". Clicked ok option
> and everything seemed to continue fine. Havent had time to check Champion runs
> ok yet.
> /etc/redhat-release file is not on install files, which were from various ftp
> sites (uiarchive and mainly). Any ideas?

I checked it out and redhat-release seems to be part of the
yellowdog-release-1.0-1 package under YDL Champion 1.0. I believe all it does is
give a line of text for tty login screens. You could make your own or get the
package at the YDL ftp site.


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