Compiling Apps for Yellow Dog / Sound Support

Waldo L. Jaquith (
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 21:12:17 -0400


Unless I'm mistaken, the lack of audio is a matter of the kernel, and
therefore not the sort of thing that is fixable. Does anybody know

Additionally, I'm somewhat new at compiling on anything but x86 machines.
Generally they just compile, no problems. Now, of course, it's not the
case. (Or, more often, they'll compile but not run.) I can't even get a
web browser. Does anybody know of a site, resource, list, anything, where
I can find out what *will* compile, or how I can modify programs to get
them to compile? I looked at the ol' FAQ-O-Matic, but that didn't offer
much (save for
Anybody know of a place to check out?


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