Installation problems

Eric Plaster (
Fri, 23 Apr 1999 19:09:12 -0500

I've been having a hard time installing linux on my desktop G3 (266):

I made three partions on my 13 gig WD hd. I used the second as my linux
partion. Using fdisk during the install process, I divided the partion into
two partions, one for root and one for swap. It complains that it cant
reread the partion table when I write the partion map, but when I go back
into fdisk I can see the partions that I made.

After setting the mount points the install process successfully formats the
drive. I then select my packages (everything), select ok for dependancies,
and then it builds it's list of packages. The next screen tells me that it
had a problem probing for the mouse. At this point I can't go back and
retry does nothing. I select menu but none of the items in the list do
anything. Keep in mind that it never started installing any packages yet.
It's almost as though it couldn't write to the drive, but it formated it

The only special hardware that I have is a kensington thinking mouse (I
tried it with my mac mouse as well), a TV tuner card, and I replaced the
standard HD with a 13 gig Western Digital.

Any help would be appreciated, as I feel like a purchased a distribution
that is worthless... Maybe I should have waited for LinuxPPC r5!

Eric Plaster

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