Re: PB G3 FBDev file? (AND X SPEED)

chris grierson (
Sun, 25 Apr 1999 23:06:17 -0800

Yeah, I was wondering if other PPC users experienced this. I used to run
LinuxPPC about a year(+) ago, and had the worst experience with X speed. It
was pretty much widespread over all WMs and environments (KDE). I figured
it could have been my video card (the infamous IMS twinturbo 128M8), wich
had little support. All my friends running on x86 hardware always said that
X is fine. If anyone would like to take the time to share their experiences
with me, that would be great. I'm guessing that it would be appreciated if
it were kept out of the list (not *entirely* YDL pertinent). Please send
info to *ME* <>

chris grierson

>From: perry <>
>Subject: Re: PB G3 FBDev file?
>Date: Sun, Apr 25, 1999, 2:06 PM

> Huh. i tried it and it works fine. I don't really see any acceleration,
> though. [i assume that's what this arg is for, right?]. Maybe it's just me,
> but is Gnome just *really* slow to redraw windows? I mean, this is not a
> slow machine by any means, and it takes some windows several seconds to
> completely draw. and the main panel menu takes a realy long time appear the
> first time you use it -- like it's building a cache or something.
> I'm using Enlightenment and Gnome, BTW.
> -perry

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