pdisk & cdroms

Subject: pdisk & cdroms
From: Benjamin Karas (bkaras@mail.nls.net)
Date: Mon Aug 02 1999 - 18:21:04 MDT

The last few times I've run 'pdisk -l' (as root at the # prompt) with a
music cd in the cdrom, it has initiated a long string of SCSI error
messages that continue after pdisk finishes. It will not execute any
commands and I CMD-CTRL-Reset after a quarter hour. Now, I know that a
very simple solution is to not run pdisk. However, I would rather it work
than it give me errors that force a reboot. I have pdisk-0.7, two hard
drives (scsi id 0 and 6) and one cdrom on the same scsi bus (scsi id 3).
The CD Rom is a 16X TEAC CD ROM that came with my PowerCenter Pro. It has
done this with two different music CDs, so I would guess that the CDs
themselves are not to blame.

-Ben Karas

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