Re: Missing files and truncation.

Subject: Re: Missing files and truncation.
From: Reid Ellis (
Date: Tue Aug 03 1999 - 11:03:07 MDT

Thus spake Spino (
> But also, I'm noting a problem..some Files of YDL are being truncated as
> they dl to the Mac Hard Drive. Are ther eany solution to this truncation
> so one may install properly?

No, the Mac filesystem cannot handle filenames > 32 chars[***], so you have to
download to a non-Mac file system and do an install from there. I usually
download to my Intel Linux box and do an FTP install.


[***] Actually, HFS+ can handle pretty much any filename size [and in Unicode,
too], but the current MacOS API has no way to handle anything bigger than 32
chars. Take a look at FSSpec and you'll see why. *sigh. not sure if this is
fixed in Mac OS X; I think it has to be, since BSD sure expects longer

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