Re: Missing files and truncation.

Subject: Re: Missing files and truncation.
From: Reid Ellis (
Date: Wed Aug 04 1999 - 10:30:41 MDT

Thus spake Andrew B. Arthur (
> Other Mac FTP clients don't have problems like that... the same RPM
> downloaded in other clients becomes named something like
> kde-net-cvs-snap-2.0.ppc.r or something like that. Note that format doesn't
> have weird chars in it, nor does it mess with the first part of the name.

What about when the file names are identical in the first 32 chars? It must
do *something*, or else it wipes out earlier files that aren't differentiated
int he first 32 chars.

I am fairly certain there are several files in the YDL distro that are not
unique in the first 32 chars. But perhaps these files are not important, or
have been renamed in 1.1?


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