Re: Installation troubles

Subject: Re: Installation troubles
From: Dan Burcaw (
Date: Thu Aug 05 1999 - 17:29:02 MDT

On Thu, 5 Aug 1999, Gregory James Fortman wrote:

> Hello all.
> I'm having a little trouble getting yellowdog to boot after the the
> install. I have pretty exotic (read: unsupported) hardware, so I was
> expecting a few glitches. I'm sure I can work through them, but any
> advice would be greatly appreciated.
> I have a powercomputing powercenter pro 240, with 128 megs of ram.
> My linux os disk is a 4.5 gig seagate attached to an adaptec 2930B mac
> pci narrow/fast scsi controller. Macos is loaded on a seperate 2.1 gig
> ibm drive, also on the fast/narrow scsi. I also have an ati xclaim vr 4
> meg pci driving my primary monitor (although it runs through a
> villagetronic 3dfx card before connecting to the monitor), and a
> secondary monitor running from the 2 meg onboard video (which I believe
> is also some sort of ati chip set).
> The yellowdog installation goes very smoothly. My second monitor
> only displays gibberish, but I don't know if linux supports multiple
> monitors. This could well be normal behavior.
> When I try to boot into linux for the first time, 2 strange things
> happen:
> #1- My primary monitor loses it's video signal completely. It just
> sits dead. The second monitor continues to display only gibberish. The
> xdisplay test during the install worked, so I'm not sure what the
> problem here is.
> #2- If I boot without a video driver, the system complains that the
> root partition requires an fsck. No big deal, except that the system
> then won't accept the root password that I entered during the install.
> Very strange, that. At that point, all I can do is hit control d and
> watch the system shut down. I've run the install twice, with the exact
> same results.

boot into single user mode with the bootX kernel arguments
"init=/bin/bash". fsck your partitions manually. (i.e.: fsck /dev/hda8)

> Thanks,
> Fortman


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