Re: Switching off "click" on a Powerbook G3 trackpad

Subject: Re: Switching off "click" on a Powerbook G3 trackpad
From: Dan Burcaw (
Date: Sat Aug 07 1999 - 15:42:27 MDT

Hi Graham,

I had this same problem with my Powerbook. I found a tool that Ben H
(BootX author) made that can turn off the tapping. I'm about to run outta
the house here for a bit, but when I get back I'll upload a copy to the
ftp site.


> Hi all,
> On my Powerbook G3 "bronze keyboard" Mac, the trackpad simulates a left
> mouse click if you tap you finger on it. It also seems to cause X to
> think the mouse click is stuck down when your finger moves too close to
> the trackpad while typing, which is irritating. Is there a way of
> switching this behavior off? I want the trackpad to move the mouse and
> button to click, nothing else.
> Anyone know if this is possible?
> Regards,
> Graham
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