Re: xset error(s)

Subject: Re: xset error(s)
From: Neil Jolly (
Date: Mon Aug 09 1999 - 20:01:16 MDT

Evan Read wrote:

> Hey there.
> Well, I guess no one knows anything about sleeping one's monitor. Nevermind, I
> did manage to get somewhere but not far enough.
> In order to test xset's "dpms" features I tried:
> "xset dpms force standby" (without the quotes) and get the following error:
> X Error of failed request BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)
> Major opcode of failed request: 146 (DPMS)
> Minor opcode of failed request: 6 (DPMSForceLevel)
> Serial number of failed request: 11
> Current serial number in output stream: 13
> I also get the same error when I try:
> "xset dpms force suspend" (not willing to try "force off" ;).
> Now, when I use numerical values (ie the number of mins until each function
> starts) ie "xset dpms 2 4 5" (standby starts in 2 mins, suspend starts in 4
> mins, off in 5), everything seems ok (get the prompt back without error) but
> nothing happens. Maybe I misunderstand the usage of xset, but I am sure that
> something is wrong (considering the errors above).
> Can I please get some help on this!!!!! Error messages are your friend, right?
> ;)
> Thanks all.
> Ev. (new signature pending)

I've done similar tests with virtually the same results, but I'm sure you have to
compile in support in your kernel to make use of the energy managment stuff. I
plan on implementing power management once I've completed my firewall, so keep us


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