Re: ftp or http install

Subject: Re: ftp or http install
From: Rich Lafferty (
Date: Wed Aug 11 1999 - 13:05:13 MDT

Quoting Scott ( from Wed, Aug 11, 1999 at 02:56:14PM -0400:
> Hi I'm trying to do either an ftp or http install of ydl champion
> server 1.1. I am also using bootx 1.1.3. I have done both of these before
> on intel based systems using Redhat 5.2 and 6.0 without trouble. I have
> downloaded all files to a local intel machine and have tried to use http
> install with it. I have also tried installing via ftp from a Swiss mirror.
> I get the same error each time telling me that there is a bad server
> response when it is looking for base/stage2.img I have verified that the
> file is there in both cases. Is there something I'm missing?

This took a little playing around with when I was setting things up
from basically the same situation, but ftp instead of http. Assuming
the webserver on the intel box is all fine and dandy, it's probably
a case of misjudging the path. If I remember correctly, you need
to cut "base/stage2.img" off the end, but it *may* be that you need
to cut "RedHat/base/stage2.img" off the end.

In any case, after you get the "bad server response" error (which is
almost certainly a 404) you can alt-f3 or alt-f4 to see the precise
URL that it tried and failed with, and edit what you're telling it to
get based on what it's trying.


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