X on a B&W.

Subject: X on a B&W.
From: Rich Williams (rvw@math.purdue.edu)
Date: Thu Aug 12 1999 - 05:33:44 MDT

I have a B&W with the Studio Monitor. I am running 2.2.6 off the Yellow Dog
CD. I only bought the CDs and installation manual, so I don't have support
from Yellow Dog (my fault I know). I have been unable to get X running on
YD. I do have several Intel machines running Redhat and thought that would
give me a leg up.

My question is, where if anywhere is the FAQ for XFree on PPC? I have
looked at the links I can find and always end up in some site that is
mostly correct but geared for cards and configurations on Intel machines.

Thanks for any guidance.

Rich Williams rvw@math.purdue.edu

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