Re: PPC is finally open!!!!!

Subject: Re: PPC is finally open!!!!!
From: Dan Burcaw (
Date: Thu Aug 12 1999 - 18:04:46 MDT


> Hey all
> Big news:
> IBM is handing out the PPC motherboard specs. No more being tied to apple for
> the hardware. Time for cheap linux boxes.

If this will bring more folks to the platform, it's probably a good thing.

> Here is the article:
> Of course, they rang up LinuxPPC Inc. Damn them and their brand recognition ;)

Just because MacWeek happened to talk to LinuxPPC doesn't mean that it's
their game. We have a great relationship with IBM. There were several
other new articles about this and related topics which we've linked on our
web site.

Another publication has interviewed us so look for that soon.
> Dan... you guys happy about this?

Ya, this is cool..

> Thanks all.
> Ev.
> p.s. I was looking for a site that lists a whole bunch of Linux-related email
> signatures that I could choose from. Any ideas?


Terra Soft Solutions, Inc.

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