Re: Does it work on an IBM 6000 43P-133Mhz ???

Subject: Re: Does it work on an IBM 6000 43P-133Mhz ???
From: Bernt Magne Øvregård (
Date: Sun Aug 15 1999 - 07:53:13 MDT


> I want to run linux on an IBM 6000 43P-133Mhz with 64Mb RAM, 2GB SCSI HD,
> flopy, cd etc.
> Is yellow-dog the right selection to make????

I really don't know, but according to the article I read some weeks ago
it should. See :

> Can I download some floppy images to see if I can boot the system?

Take a look at :
How can we fit the zImage to a floppy? or is there other ways to do it?.
(only got a CD-ROM and a floppy)

>From the README.orig file:
Yellow Dog Linux for IBM RS/6000
zImage -- The installer kernel image.
zImage.chrp -- The post-installation kernel. -- Kernel 2.2.10

I found an install image " installer-prepr5.19990202" for the linuxPPC
distribution, it started the install program but I didn't have the
distribution to
complete it.


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