Re: yamaha CRW4416S

Subject: Re: yamaha CRW4416S
From: Reid Ellis (
Date: Mon Aug 16 1999 - 09:27:30 MDT

Thus spake Nathan T Hjelm (
> I have a tamaha cdrw drive, and I can get it to work with neuther cdwrite
> or cdrecord. Is there any special setup for linux that has to be done with
> this drive?

I've been trying to get cdwrite to work with YDL. With Champion 1.0 I ran
into missing MESH support in the kernel, and I didn't feel up to reconfiguring
the kernel that day, so I put it off. Last night, I upgraded [fresh install]
to Champion 1.1, and I'll give it another shot; maybe the required MESH
support is in the kernel now?

For the record [no pun intended :-)] my drive is a Plextor PlexWriter [4x].


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