Re: G3 Boot Problem

Subject: Re: G3 Boot Problem
From: Taro Fukunaga (
Date: Mon Aug 16 1999 - 17:12:36 MDT

"Rod Collins (ICQ#8590980)" wrote:
> Hi I have just installed yellow dog Linux on my Powerbook G3
> everything went fine I installed
> and configured from my office using and running on my LAN .
> I now brought my machine home and when I try to boot it takes for
> ever it goes to system logger
> and hangs for about 5 to 10 minutes and then finally completes
> starting up, but then times out
> when I start xwindows it just wont go past that, does anyone have
> any suggestions on why its taking so long . and why it wont boot x
> Thanks in advance
> Rod Collins

I think these problems are separate. It probably takes so long to
"complete starting up" because you have entries in /etc/fstab, and your
machine is trying to nfs mount partitions on machines that don't exist.
X windows, I'm not sure. Maybe you can select no video drivers in BootX,
and see if that lets you use a generic video driver. Try startx -- -noaccel.

Well, I haven't tried ydl yet, this is just my intuition :-)

Taro Fukunaga

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