Re: Mesa 3D for ATI chipsets... ETA?

Subject: Re: Mesa 3D for ATI chipsets... ETA?
From: Evan Read (
Date: Tue Aug 17 1999 - 02:28:10 MDT

On Tue, 17 Aug 1999, you wrote:
> > Just curious if anyone knew when MesaGL 3d Libraries are going to be ported to
> > ATI chipsets?
> >
> > I have looked around at all sorts of good Linux games, they all seem to want
> > Mesa 3D drivers and none of them I can play on my iMac!!!!!
> Yes, no ETA :)

Man, it is time to go to bed for you ;)

Can we expect it within a month or two? I know you reckon no ETA, but are we
waiting weeks, months or years? ;)

Thanks man.


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