Re: iMac USB periperals

Subject: Re: iMac USB periperals
From: Kevyn Shortell (
Date: Tue Aug 17 1999 - 11:11:34 MDT

You should be able to use the mouse, however you won't be able to
use the printer. There's no driver available.


At 10:39 PM -0500 8/16/99, wrote:
>Its been a while since I've used linux on my iMac and I'm about to
>install champion 1.1 as soon as I get the CDs. I was wondering if I
>will be able to use my logitech usb wheel mouse and epson 700 printer
>which goes through a parallel to USB adaptor? What configureing will I
>have to do or is there somewhere I can find this info -some sort of
>howto maybe?
>thank you, Robert M

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