Re: Adaptec SCSI card

Subject: Re: Adaptec SCSI card
From: Kevyn Shortell (
Date: Wed Aug 18 1999 - 15:43:26 MDT

If you have a Mac OS version of the card, it has OF roms which
will allow it to work under MacOS. They have driver software for
Mac OS that lets you configure some things for the card but it
will boot without the drivers in Mac OS and YDL.

If you have a PC 2940, It won't be bootable for Mac OS at all, but
theoritically should work for YDL, but I don't know anyone who has
actually tried it. You would have to boot off another device into
Mac OS and then have BootX launch linux off the 2940 (if it's a PC 2940)


>If I install Adaptec's 2940 UW SCSI card in my PowerCenter, do I also
>have to install any software/extensions in order to use it under both
>MacOS and ydl?
>Taro Fukunaga

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