Re: Rage128 beta fb driver

Subject: Re: Rage128 beta fb driver
From: Dan Burcaw (
Date: Thu Aug 19 1999 - 07:18:12 MDT

The precompiled kernel uses the new USB stack. USB people will need to
boot into single user mode (init=/bin/bash) and edit
/etc/sysconfig/keyboard. Change the type from usb to adb. (The new USB
stuff uses the same keymap for both for usb and adb)


> >
> >
> >You'll find a diff that should patch into recent 2.2's, and
> >a precompiled kernel based off Paul's stable tree.
> Has anyone tried this with the YDL kernel? I tried the precompiled
> kernel at the indicated web site on my B&W G3. The kernel seems to
> work OK, but keycodes seem to differ - once again - from the ones the
> YDL kernel generates.
> With 'video=aty128fb:vmode:17,cmode:32' , 'No video driver'
> unchecked, I got a 1024x768 screen (75 Hz, 32 bit).
> Because of the problems with the keycodes I started Xconfigurator
> from an SSH shell on my MkLinux box. Again I used the 1024x768@75
> mode with 32bits. The X-Window screen showed OK (I just had to find
> the key which generated the 'O' character for 'OK' before the dialog
> timed out...). But neither my G3's USB mouse nor an ADB variety
> seemed to work with FBDev (XPmac left me at least my ADB mouse).
> The driver itself seems to work OK then. Unfortunately testing it
> witout mouse support seems to be a wee bit diffcult...
> Cheers
> --Urs Hochstrasser
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