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Subject: Re: Companion for my Yellow Dog..
From: John L Grantham (
Date: Thu Aug 19 1999 - 10:37:36 MDT

Greetings, Scott Donham at! On 19.8.99 6:20 pm, you

>Have you tried MKLinux? It works on the 68K platform.

Uh, no it doesn't. It only works on PowerPC Macs, including older NuBus
PowerMacs that YDL and LinuxPPC don't support.

There are several options for UNIX and Linux systems for 68K, though:

Debian GNU/Linux

Linux/m68k for Macintosh



Any of these ought to be a decent companion with your YDL distro;
however, none are Red Hat Linux variants, so you would have neither
package nor binary compatibility. You could, however, use Debian on both,
or install dpkg on both your YDL box and the 68K box. In theory, you
could install YDL from source onto the 68K box, but that would be a royal
pain in the butt that I wouldn't recommend...

You can get more info at my website,

Hope that helps...



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