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Subject: Re: Kernel v2.2.10
From: Andrew B. Arthur (
Date: Thu Aug 19 1999 - 12:52:49 MDT

> Does anyone know if I can boot YDL with kernel version 2.2.10?
> If so, is it a simple case of replacing the old with the new in the system
> folder? and has anyone tried it (please post results, feelings, etc etc).

Your best bet (it you have around 100 megs free on the partition /usr) is to
build your own kernel, preferably from PowerPC-only tree, eg. Linux-pmac.
via cvs at (see for details) or by ftp at
( doesn't work any more for

You definitely want to stay away from Linus 2.2.1x (as found on since his kernel tree has lost sync from Linux-pmac making
Linus' 2.2.1x quite broken on the PowerPC :-(

To build a kernel, you do this for Linux-pmac kernel:

make mrproper
make pmac_config (only if you got the linux-pmac)
make xconfig (Now you have to configure, what your kernel should
do/know -- you can also use 'make menuconfig' for an interface like the
RedHat installer or 'make config' for a command line interface)
make dep
make clean
make vmlinux
make modules
make modules_install

Note: If it fails with an error about CHRP_boot, that's a bug in some Kernel
2.2.x versions, you can usually just get around it by finding the place were
you are getting the error and comment it out.

Then you just copy /boot/vmlinux to Mac Disk:System Folder:Linux
Kernels:vmlinux (using your favorite method -- such as mounting it if it's a
HFS partition, or using a Zip disk to get it onto a Mac partition, or some
other method).

Yes, it's alot of steps, but it's worth it -- you'll get the drivers and
support for file systems you need, and not have unnecessary ones -- so
you'll use less memory, and everything will feel slightly faster.

You can also just get a kernel binary (from, and pop it
into Mac Disk:System Folder:Linux Kernel:vmlinux. Then you need to untar
modules-x.x.xx.tar.gz into /. Finally copy to /boot.

As you can see, upgrading your kernel isn't exactly cake -- since it's a
major, major upgrade to your system (you are replacing it's guts).


Andrew Arthur a.k.a. AArthur
AIM: arthur998

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