RE: ydl 1.0 on g3 b&w

Subject: RE: ydl 1.0 on g3 b&w
From: Mike Ga▀mann (
Date: Fri Aug 20 1999 - 03:05:46 MDT


>What's your kernel version ?
>a few weeks ago i bought yellowdowlinux championserver 1.0
>i tried to set the system up, put it won't boot.
>as described in the pdf-manual i installed a clean macos on an other
>then i installed bootx (1.1.3) and i copied the vmlinux and
>ramdisk.image.gz into the systemfolder.
>after rebooting my system with ydl-cd in cd-rom the startup-screen of
>bootx appeared, i choose linux
>the screens gets black with the message
>"linux booting"
>put nothing happens.

i used the kernel shipped with ydl 1.0, 2.2 (ydl-manual, i think 2.2.6).
this doesn't work.
then i downloaded the update for cd-install,
this also doesn't work.

i use my usb-keyboard, shipped with my mac.
i hope there is no adb-keyboard necessary.


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