MP support

Subject: MP support
From: Michael Messano ( )
Date: Fri Aug 20 1999 - 11:10:05 MDT

Hi all, I have a question about MP support in YDL and also LinuxPPC.
I have a Daystar Genesis dual-processor machine with several Seagate
Barracuda drives on the internal SCSI chain, and a Acclaim GX video
card. I have been trying to enable the second processor with no
luck. After a little tweaking, I have gotten the kernel to compile
cleanly, and it boots the machine fine. The only problem is, no
second processor. I have gotten it to work before, but it was quite
awhile ago, and I believe it was LinuxPPC 4, and the kernel version
was 2.0.36. My other question would be about the /boot directory and
it's role in the kernel loading process. Is it bypassed by having
the kernel in the System Folder? If so, can it be safely ignored? I
have gotten used to my Intel box needing the kernel in the /boot
directory along with the syatem map, and I have a routine I use to
upgrade my kernel on that machine. So, in the end, I wish to know if
it is possible at this point. My current kernel version, with
sources, etc, is kernel-pmac-2.2.16b obtained from

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