upgrade from CS 1.0 to CS 1.1

Subject: upgrade from CS 1.0 to CS 1.1
From: Ben Karas (bjk4@po.cwru.edu)
Date: Fri Aug 20 1999 - 17:03:18 MDT

I had a little trouble upgrading from CS 1.0 to CS 1.1 that I wanted to
relay. After upgrading, none of my passwords worked from the logon text
screen. Previously I was using PAM with MD5 passwords, all off which

I booted into single user mode and, after a bit of head scratching,
recompiled /bin/login with help from a friend. We had to change
HAVE_PAM=no to HAVE_PAM=yes in the included make file. After compiling, we
renamed the old login and placed the new one in its place, after which
everything worked just fine.

I want to say thank you for fixing the backspace key in GNOME, for
including the switch-desk program, for updating GNOME, and for the relative
ease of the upgrade (except for the nasty password problem that is).

I've run into a few other issues, but I don't know if they are pre-existing
or are new.

1) The switch-desk works from GNOME, but doesn't work from KDE (startx
starts KDE still)

2) My .forward file no longer works for piping my mail to procmail. I used
the line:
"|exec /usr/bin/procmail # bjk4"

Does anyone want to help me with either of these two remaining issues?

Benjamin Karas

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