Audio on CS 1.1

Subject: Audio on CS 1.1
From: Todd Masco (
Date: Sat Aug 21 1999 - 15:46:41 MDT


I recently bought and installed CS 1.1 (by the way, great work putting
together the distribution. I went from LinuxPPC R5 to CS 1.1 and so far
I'm very happy with the differences). And I've been trying to put
together a little "jukebox" environment with an eye towards buying a lot
more disk to make it a large one.

I've installed grip, cdparanoia, bladeenc, and mpg123. All of these
work great, *except* I have no way of playing the extracted mp3s:

Though grip is playing the CD audio through the computer speakers just
fine, mpg123 consistently plays mp3s made by grip/cdparanoia at what
sounds like an extremely high audio level resulting is extremely
distorted audio. I've tried various ways of setting the system volume,
to no joy.

Can anyone suggest some strategies for getting this to work? Or is it
just that the PowerPC audio drivers "aren't there yet"?


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